Become a Jump Rope Giant With This Complete 4 Week Workout Plan - Onnit Academy (2023)

ONEAnyone who has ever struggled to build muscle has a deep fear that everything they've worked hard for will disappear if they exercise or diet the wrong way. In no aspect ofFitnessIs this more obvious than the world of conditioning?

Formerly skinny guys like myself tend to worry that too much conditioning will inevitably wither their powerful physique from a high-performance beast to an emaciated marathon runner. As a result, they skip conditioning entirely - resulting in higher body fat percentages, impaired health markers and increased susceptibility to injury.

As bad as it sounds, most of these trainees would rather die than walk around smaller, weaker, and less masculine.

I understand the mindset. I was a scrawny dwarf afraid of losing muscle and strength. While these fears are not entirely unfounded, the horrors of conditioning that erodes muscle tissue are exaggerated.

Fortunately, there are certain types of cardio that do the opposite: you build athletic ability while losing fat and preserving your precious muscle.

Physical training with "hardcore" equipment like sleds andbattle ropesare currently in the spotlight, but an old tool isn't getting the attention it deserves:To dieto jumpCorda.

While you might not immediately assume that skipping rope can be as sexy or badass as sprints or sled rides, the fact remains that it's an essential tool for everyone from boxers to soccer players to fitness models.

Today, however, the skipping rope seems to have fallen somewhat out of favor and become extremely underused exercise equipment. It ends here. It's time to reconsider the jump rope because it truly is the ultimate low-impact exercise tool for accelerated fat loss, increased athleticism, and unrealistic fitness.

Jump rope benefits

Become a Jump Rope Giant With This Complete 4 Week Workout Plan - Onnit Academy (2)

There are countless reasons to ditch the old speed rope and start jumping Rocky style. Here are some of the most important ones.

Jumping rope is an ideal warm-up.

First, let's state that warming up is much more important than many realize. In addition to all kinds of hormonal benefits, the suit raises your core temperature and increasesblood flowit's great for mind and muscles. Helps establish justicementaland physiological requirements for a great workout.

There really is no better warm-up device before an intense workout than a simple jump rope. Jumping rope before plyometrics, sprints, and explosive lifts activates the nervous system, increases core/muscle temperature, and prepares lower body tissues for explosive activity.

Explosiveness not in your bag of tricks? Don't worry. For most gym rats, jumping rope improves coordination and athleticism five minutes before a workout.

The skipping rope poses a minimal risk of injury

Skipping rope is a low-risk tool for two reasons. First, jumping rope is a self-limiting exercise: to jump rope without fail, you must remain in a joint-stacked, aligned position throughout the movement—which forces your core to remain tight and resilient under the stress of the movement.

If you get it wrong, screw your calves or stuff themTriple, or picking up a toe, the exercise ends. All of this makes it extremely unlikely to overdo it; and, even better, it's almost impossible to get hurt.

Compare that to something like running. Of course, I'm a huge fan of sprints, agility and movement skills, but they are just that - learned movement skills.

Performing coordination skills under excessive fatigue risks poor movement pattern and subsequent injury. (In other words, running while he's exhausted is a great way to pick up shit.)

Sprints are great exercise, of course, and they're not inherently "bad" or dangerous. There's a skill component that requires mechanics and practice before you pack on tons of bulk - which can be a slow process, especially if you're looking to slim down fast. In terms of affordability, the jump rope is simply a superior choice for conditioning the body for more intense movement training without the high risk of injury.

Second, despite a large number of foot strikes, jumping is a low-impact movement. Here's why this is important to us ex-skinny guys: unlike many other repetitive impact exercises, the lower impact doesn't create a hypercatabolic environment - so you can use it to get shredded without worrying about losing a lean body.loose.

Jumping rope forms an important foundation for movement

Jumping rope develops speed, agility and a coordinative foundation for the sport. Running and high-speed moves are great - they build excellent levels of endurance, improve athleticism, maintain muscle and shed fat.

The problem is that most guys haven't raced in years and the ones that do leave a lot to be desired in terms of efficiency and technique. Remember: high-speed movements like sprints (or anything that requires a change of direction) put enormous stress on your joints, ligaments, and tendons.

You wouldn't jump straight to near-maximum lifts, would you? Not; It would be irresponsible to jump into high-impact sprints and/or changes of direction without first exercising and conditioning these tissues for impact.

All this means that jumping rope is exceptionally effective both in terms of developing the correct pattern and in terms of preparing for sharp movements. Instead of being the guy who snaps the ham at the football game, use the jump rope as a warm-up and conditioning tool to prepare your body for fast movement.

Skipping rope is good for developing strength

Combined with strength training, jumping rope is a viable way to develop explosive and reactive strength. Additionally, jumping rope requires minimal equipment or space and has a non-existent learning curve, making it an easy tool for building strength.

Jumping rope leads to more athleticism

Based on the two points above, jumping rope is an excellent way to develop the individual qualities that make up coordinated athletic movements - what we generally call "athleticism".

It's important to hit the weights hard and eat well, but true athleticism requires coordination, not just brute strength. Everyone loves being big, strong and fast, but without the technique and ability to consistently express those physical qualities when needed, they are useless.

(Video) Kettlebell Tree Trunk Leg Workout | Juan Leija

By jumping rope, you can not only develop these qualities individually, but also train your body to integrate them perfectly. How does it help you? It's simple: if you spend a few minutes a week on a jump rope, you can avoid being the guy who gets some idiot's itch during a pick-up game.

Jump rope is great for interval/conditioning training

Despite its minor effects, jumping rope is a great conditioning tool. FastArmMovement, maintaining a tight core, and quick footwork combine to get your heart rate skyrocketing.

Even better, it's a great way to condition frequently without putting a strain on your joints, hormones, and nervous system.

About choosing a rope

"Okay man, I got it, jumping rope is really badass. Now what?"

This is where you might run into a big gotcha in most gyms - there aren't any decent jump ropes. That plastic shit tied up and thrown in the corner is worthless. Instead, you need a quality rope. Then you should probably buy your own.

As with everything else, you get what you pay for. If you buy a quality rope and take care of it, it will last a long time. If you buy crap for $10, you're going to keep replacing it.

Besides quality, the most important property of any rope is its length. Too short a rope will not give you enough freedom; One that's too long will have too much game and you won't be able to move it fast enough. Either way, your training will be affected and you will be very frustrated.

As a general rule of thumb for length, the jump rope should be measured from the bottom of the foot, just past the armpit when folded in half.

Of course, that's not your only option: a solid leather rope with some weight is more than enough for your needs and for all the training you'll find in this article. You simply won't get the same level of customization.

Either way, grab a quality rope and toss it in that old gym bag so you'll always have it handy.

Application examples for skipping rope

Become a Jump Rope Giant With This Complete 4 Week Workout Plan - Onnit Academy (3)


Dedicate 5 minutes or aim for several jumps (200) before continuing with the remainder of the dynamic warm-up. Jumping rope primes the nervous system, raises core and muscle temperature, and prepares lower body tissues for explosive activity.

It shouldn't be strenuous, but enough to get your heart racing, your calves pumping, and your mind ready for your next workout.

Single jumps are best:


Using the Jump Rope to Train the Calf

If your legs are smaller than a flamingo's, you're not alone. And jumping rope helps. High volume, high frequency and high impact are three obvious ways to accelerate muscle development in any muscle group.

As mentioned, the calves are conditioned to a lot of volume by everyday tasks like walking; therefore, regular jumps over the rope are not the best use of your time. Instead, incorporate the jump rope as a warm-up tool, then add in single-leg countdown jumps for more muscle tone and growth.

Do you want to super charge it? Combine that with a dedicated calf training program and you'll start sculpting an impressive pair of calves, stat.

One leg countdown jumps


Start with 10 jumps on the right leg, do them all in a row and go straight to 10 jumps on the left leg. If you get it wrong, pick up where you left off and work your way up to 1. Start with two sets and add one set each week for the next six weeks.

Jump Rope Conditioning

The skipping rope lets you get creative as a conditioning tool. Because it's low impact with low stress on the joints, it's a fantastic addition to high density circuits as a back end exercise.

Neural demands are low enough not to unduly fatigue the nervous system and interfere with training results with big-bang exercises like the deadlift.

As a standalone conditioning machine, the Double Unders and Runnin' Man are my top two conditioning workouts, each performed twice a week with at least 48 hours between workouts.

How to break:

(Video) Fat Burning Battle Ropes HIIT Workout

double subs


Exactly what it sounds like - jump the rope twice in a row in a single jump. Work up to sets of 10 and use a lighter rope. Rest 30 to 60 seconds and continue for 10 to 15 minutes or until your lungs and calves explode, you name it.



By the looks of it, you're running in place while jumping rope. Not only will this improve your coordination, but it will also be a deceptively difficult conditioning workout. Take your time and work up to 10-15 minutes of continuous “walking”.

The impact is much less than traditional stationary cardio or slow treadmill walking.

Skipping rope for active rest

Book 10 minutes; Make some jellies and get to work with one of the exercises above. Even working at higher intensities will not be enough to impede your recovery unless you are severely deconditioned.

Stick to single jumps, work up a little sweat, and finish off with some agility training. Don't complicate, make it easy.

The following is a complete jump rope exercise program written by Dan Witmer, the jump rope guy.Type of jump sail.

Jump rope training program

Become a Jump Rope Giant With This Complete 4 Week Workout Plan - Onnit Academy (4)

I've put together a 4-week jump rope and bodyweight challenge to get you on track to make workouts more fun and your body leaner. Each week the workouts get progressively harder, so make sure you start with beginner workouts in week 1 and progress to advanced - only if you can.

The workouts are progressive in nature, so whether you're a beginner or an advanced one, start with week 1. The workouts are designed so that, in most cases, you'll alternate a jump rope workout with a bodyweight workout.

The program challenges you to train with the jump rope and your body weight 3 days a week. That gives you 4 days to play around with the schedule.

If you are a beginner, I suggest a light day of rest or rest until you become more proficient. As you progress, you can use these 3 days as recovery/work capacity days in between your hard training/lifting days.

After the fourth week, take a break to allow the body to recover and repeat the program again.

Week 1: Day 1


Week 1: Day 2


Week 1: Day 3


(Video) Super Shredder Battle Ropes Workout

Week 2: Day 1


Week 2: Day 2


Week 2: Day 3


Week 3: Day 1


Week 3: Day 2


Week 3: Day 3


Week 4: Day 1


Week 4: Day 2


Week 4: Day 3


Expand your training with Onnit Academy On Demand

Become a Jump Rope Giant With This Complete 4 Week Workout Plan - Onnit Academy (5)

When your 4 week Jump Rope Juggernaut plan ends, you will need to acceptOnnit Gym on request! If you like The Onnit Academy's knowledge, expertise, and programming, it's now available On Demand.

(Video) Battle Rope Buying Guide - What Size & Where To Buy Them

Onnit Academy On Demand gives you anytime, anywhere access to the world's top fitness professionals for one low monthly price. Whether you're a professional trainer, a fitness enthusiast, or just looking for a new routine, we've got you covered.

The program includes 2 different video channel packages, The Master Coaches channel package and The Legends of HQ channel package.

Each of these packages gives you access to 6 top fitness professionals who offer their own unique 4-week training programs focused on specific goals and techniques. Every 4 weeks, these trainers introduce a new 4-week program that will expand your library and give you even more choices of fitness programs.

Join our community of like-minded people and get tips, exercises and advice for FREE!

Join the Onnit tribe

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What is the average time for 1000 jump ropes? ›

On average it takes about 13 minutes for someone to complete 1000 rope skips when done at a moderate pace. This is due to the fact that it takes about 80 rope skips per minute to be considered moderate. The faster the pace you go, the less time it will take to reach 1000 skips.

Does 10 minutes of jump rope equal 30 minutes? ›

Ten minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to running for an eight-minute mile, which can result in faster fat loss, especially around your abdomen and trunk muscles, he explains, adding that people who have high blood pressure or heart problems should avoid it. Jumping rope can make your lower body muscles stronger.

Is 20 minutes of jump rope a day good? ›

Jumping rope is an effective workout that can burn many calories in a short time frame. For example, 20 minutes of jump rope can burn up to 241 calories for a 200-pound (91-kg) person.

Is 15 minutes of jump rope a day enough? ›

If you practice for just 15 minutes a day, you can burn about 200-300 calories. One pound of fat is equivalent to about 3,500 calories, so it'll only take about 12 days to lose a pound by jumping every day. Fifteen minutes is an easy commitment for such dramatic results.

Can skipping rope reduce belly fat? ›

Can skipping rope reduce belly fat? Yes, skipping helps strengthen the core of your body. It helps to reduce belly fat and tighten the abdominals.

Does jumping rope make your stomach flat? ›

Jumping rope helps you develop both upper- and lower-body muscular endurance. It also speeds up your fat-burning metabolism and reduces belly fat. Do it in combination with prone, side and supine planks to strengthen your core.


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